Saturday, September 25, 2010

Natural Cause/Superstion

(Missing spelling coming to haunt you on some of my profiles and link's - to see if your a true hater or not.( it's on you and for your entertainment.)

Natural cause updates and superstions will be posted with this link in the future.

Fat and Gastro Surgery.

To people that think it's cool to have sex with kids under pre-teen.Their's a natural cause law,that means if a child is fully aware of a older person busting nuts in them while they're under pre-teen..They will end up being cursed to be fat and plump because of this kind've ceman injection...The protection could've been as simple as pulling your penise before busting a nut - and this dosen't happend for just one bust of a nut - it haves to be high multiples;at least 50 sperm bust's on one victim

(this is a estimation count to show repeat episodes needed)..

Rather this is good or bad, to some one the same law goes...Just like they claim: to pull out your penise to rid disease's for porn stars or to protect for pregancy - tell you some real shit ... god can give any one a disease any time he ever you can go with--- steriods - eating alot- to getting fat as a alternative - or just a different reason.

Watery eye's superstion